Phishing Sites!

Posted by ezweb123.com on November 13, 2015 in News

Phishing sites created using our service are designed to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers online. The sites often look fairly unconvincing with poor representation of well known web brands, such as PayPal.

We are putting some additional reporting measures in place, such as a link directly from each page of our site to a form that will load. You can then report the sites and these will be reviewed several times a day and recommended for deletion. This should dramatically reduce the amount of time these sites are open before being shut down. Unfortunately, there have been times recently where we have been inundated with these sites and have struggled to get these site down as quickly as we would have liked to. This has recently caused some issues with our host.

In the first instance we are stepping up our monitoring of these sites and have now assigned a dedicated member of our team to constantly monitor this throughout the day. This won’t however be 24/7 as this is not economical for us. This will however have a significant impact on up times for these sites which will hopefully deter them from being created.

To report these sites please continue to do so through the support center:


We will receive your phishing email and then take action as soon as possible. Many thanks to all those who are proactively notifying us of these sites on a daily basis. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Together we can beat these pests!

Peter Moore



New SiteMaker Version 6 (V6) Beginners Guide

Posted by ezweb123.com on September 22, 2013 in General Articles

html5We are now running Version 6 (V6) of our software; the fundamental benefit being that your site will be visible across mobile platforms including iPads and iPhones. Your website/s should look the same as they do through a normal web browser on a laptop or PC. This is because the sites are now created using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash.

All Version 5 sites are created with Flash. Member’s whose sites were built

with version 5 can switch to Version 6, but there are currently some loss of features that either have a workaround or will be shortly resolved. More on these can be found here: http://www.ezweb123.com/blog/2013/09/01/html5/

A new Beginners Guide has been created to help those to use our site in the new Version 6 and this is attached for download.

Any queries please submit a support ticket by clicking on the ‘help Icon at the top of the site.
Download the new Beginners Guide Here: Beginners Guide Updated


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