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New SiteMaker Version 6 (V6) Beginners Guide

On September 22, 2013 in General Articles

html5We are now running Version 6 (V6) of our software; the fundamental benefit being that your site will be visible across mobile platforms including iPads and iPhones. Your website/s should look the same as they do through a normal web browser on a laptop or PC. This is because the sites are now created using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash.

All Version 5 sites are created with Flash. Member’s whose sites were built

with version 5 can switch to Version 6, but there are currently some loss of features that either have a workaround or will be shortly resolved. More on these can be found here: http://www.ezweb123.com/blog/2013/09/01/html5/

A new Beginners Guide has been created to help those to use our site in the new Version 6 and this is attached for download.

Any queries please submit a support ticket by clicking on the ‘help Icon at the top of the site.
Download the new Beginners Guide Here: Beginners Guide Updated



On September 1, 2013 in News

We are pleased to announce that with effect from the 3rd of September member’s will have the option to use HTML5 to build their sites with. Existing members will be able to switch their existing Flash site/s (version 5) to HTML (version 6). This is an exciting new system upgrade with many benefits to existing [...]


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