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html5We are pleased to announce that with effect from the 3rd of September member’s will have the option to use HTML5 to build their sites with.

Existing members will be able to switch their existing Flash site/s (version 5) to HTML (version 6).

This is an exciting new system upgrade with many benefits to existing and new members.

It should however be noted that v6 isn’t yet feature-complete. It doesn’t yet offer a blog, forms or membership features. They will be added at a later date and there are workarounds members can use in the meantime. These are discussed in the ‘Workarounds’ section below.


‘Migrating’ sites from v5 to v6

A ‘migrate’ tool has been incorporated that allows members with v5 sites to ‘migrate’ them to the new software, rather than starting from
scratch. As this involves moving sites from one technology to another, some editing and reformatting is required post-migration.

As with building a new v6 site from scratch, some features aren’t yet supported in the migrate including the blog, forms and membership. So
customers with v5 sites that include these features will have to make a call
on whether to migrate now, or wait. As mentioned there are workarounds that members can use in the meantime.

Benefits of v6

The main benefit of  v6 is that member sites look as they should across different devices, including tablets and smartphones, as it’s powered by a new technology, namely HTML5.

There will inevitably be slight variations in some cases depending on which browser version a site is viewed on – older browsers may display the layout and design slightly differently – but sites will essentially look the same on an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note as they do on a PC or Mac.

But the new release isn’t just about HTML5. Version 6 also provides
faster rendering, more options for formatting text, new menu widgets
and numerous other feature improvements.


Forms - currently in development and coming soon (or members can use the Wufoo Smart widget or embed forms from Google Drive using the HTML Snippet widget)

Blog – coming soon (but after forms). For members migrating from
v5 to v6, the blog page will be published but the content will not be
displayed. We will store the existing v5 content and hope to enable it
to be imported once the blog feature is launched in v6. For a work around please contact us and we will refer to technical team as this is changing all the time.

Image effects – these can be replaced with static images.

Membership – Site Admin restrictions to pages or the site are still available – depending on the member’s package. General page restrictions to visitors, members or groups is on the road map – possibly for release Q4 2013. For a work around please contact us and we will refer to technical team as this is changing all the time.

Slideshow – another feature that one of our development teams will
pick up at a later date. For a work around please contact us and we will refer to technical team as this is changing all the time.

Crop tools – We recommend that members crop their images outside
of the software using image editing tools, or applications such as
Microsoft Paint, or Paint.net.

Juke Box – We recommend using https://soundcloud.com/

One track – As above or you could use http://spotify.com to embed a
single track or even a playlist.

Chat widget – http://chatango.com/

Tables – Spreadsheets (along with PDF, docs and more) can be uploaded
to http://issuu.com/ who provide an embed code.

Forum – http://tal.ki/ can be used as a viable alternative

Other Questions about V6

Will members need to update text boxes/forms/particular
items within a website?

Possibly. If members choose to migrate their v5 websites, they will be
given a full preview of what their website will look like in v6. They won’t
be able to edit this preview, but they can navigate and check all their
pages. They may notice that some things are missing or look different. This will vary from site to site. At this point they can cancel the migration and keep their website in v5 (Flash) e.g. if they wish to wait until a few more features are added to v6.

Are there any new features in v6?

Yes. Footers have recently been added. These enable the user to add
images, buttons, links, shapes, snippets etc. to the foot of their pages to
appear consistent throughout their site. We’ve also done a bit of work
to improve the experience of adding SEO meta tags to various parts of
sites, including pages and shop.

Will customers still be able to forward to mobile website (redirect).

Yes. This functionality will still be there.

Will every new customer now build their site in v6?

Yes. All new memberss will be using v6 to build their sites.

What will happen to existing customers?

The only thing that will happen is that they will see a ‘Migrate’ button on
their toolbar and have the ability to migrate their v5 site to v6 enabled.
If they do nothing they will continue editing and publishing in v5 (using
Adobe Flash). If they choose to migrate their site to v6 then they will
continue to edit their site in Flash, but then the published version will be
in HTML5. If they wish to build new websites then they will be provided with v6 templates to build new HTML5 websites. But as highlighted, the editor is still currently in Flash – only their new websites, once published, will be in HTML5.

Getting Help

If you are a paying member then you can get 24hour turnaround assistance with any of the features of ezweb123 including anything to do with V6, just by submitting a technical support query. Here shows you how to do that as and when required (no limits): https://ezweb123.zendesk.com/entries/21872003-How-do-I-send-a-technical-support-request-

If you are not a paying member then you can still get assistance by clicking on the help icon throughout our site.




New SiteMaker Version 6 (V6) Beginners Guide

Posted by ezweb123.com on September 22, 2013 in General Articles

html5We are now running Version 6 (V6) of our software; the fundamental benefit being that your site will be visible across mobile platforms including iPads and iPhones. Your website/s should look the same as they do through a normal web browser on a laptop or PC. This is because the sites are now created using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash.

All Version 5 sites are created with Flash. Member’s whose sites were built

with version 5 can switch to Version 6, but there are currently some loss of features that either have a workaround or will be shortly resolved. More on these can be found here: http://www.ezweb123.com/blog/2013/09/01/html5/

A new Beginners Guide has been created to help those to use our site in the new Version 6 and this is attached for download.

Any queries please submit a support ticket by clicking on the ‘help Icon at the top of the site.
Download the new Beginners Guide Here: Beginners Guide Updated


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